There were many years where I focused on the wrong things. I focused on the money I could make. I focused on the status on the job. I focused on the number of friends I had or didn't have. One day I realized that I was focusing on all the wrong things and I needed to get my priorities in order. I needed to put the Lord first, my family second and everything else would fall right where it needed to. I was coasting along in life all was well, but something happened. I allowed the enemy to use people to whisper words in my that my family was a burden on me and that I needed to focus on me and my life. And honestly I got lost in it all. But thank God that the Lord has sent someone to point my compass back due north and remind me what is truly important in my life. Yes, the Lord has kept His rightful place as number one, but my family lost their place as next in line. I elevated myself above them and forgot that it's not about me. I forgot what brought me that most joy in my life and yes, sometimes what could bring me some of the most pain, but not the type of pain that I have received as the brokenhearted women missing her rightful place as the Proverbs 31 woman who takes care of her family, home and allows the Lord to order all of that accord to His perfect will. One of the major lies I have listened to over the years is that I would never find a man to understand or want to be a part of my family dynamics. But I must say that you have to trust the Lord to show you that you can and will receive all that he has promised you.