We sit back and worry about things that we shouldn't. God tells us that he will take care of all of our needs. He tells us that he will provide everything if we will make the Kingdom of God our primary concern (Matthew 6:25-34), but we stress and worry anyway. A few months ago I mentioned to a friend that I wanted some farm fresh eggs. Now it's not something I needed and it's something I could easily go buy. However, it was something I missed from Tennessee now living here in Texas. I saw them in the store for $5 or more a carton. I saw signs on the side of the road leading to farmer’s homes that I did not know, but it wasn't the same as having access to friends and family who blessed you when you didn't even ask for them. They had them, you needed them and they shared.

Well, a few weekends ago I was blessed to be a part of a group who worked on a flooring project with this new organization that I volunteer for. The overseer of the project was so thankful for all of our hard work that he called his wife and said "honey, I need you to bring ten dozen eggs over for these hard working men and women." Now this man didn't know I was wanting, longing for a taste of home, but my God did and he provided it through this sweet couple. So, we need not fret! We need not worry! God will provide everything we stand in need of, big or small. He'll even provide the eggs too!!