“Test me, O Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind; for your love is ever before me, and I walk continually in your truth.”

Psalm 26:2-3

Do you feel that sometimes you are distracted from God? That your faith is sometimes on auto-pilot? We have to press hard sometimes to make sure that what we are doing is being done for the right reasons and that we are continually walking in the will of the Lord. There are so many times in my life that I have to stop and ask he Lord to help me examine what my motivation is. Why am I doing my job? Out of obligation or because it pays the bills? Or do I truly realize that it is a chance for me to be Jesus in the marketplace? Why am I smiling and greeting people at the grocery store or mall? Is it because I want something from them or is it because I genuinely want to show Jesus love to the world? We have to know what motivates us to live our lives and do it intentional. Don’t walk around forgetting that we are the salt and light to the world coasting through life thinking that what we do really has not merit. That is far from the truth. Every decision we make affects someone else. So let’s be motivated to make wise decisions based on a heart the truly serves a risen Savior.

Father, thank you that you examine our hearts and you know our inner most thoughts. Thank you, Father, that you give us clarity to our walk and put us in check making sure that we are always doing things for the right reasons. And, Father, when we are outside your will and motivated by other things you bring those to the forefront of our mind and remove the scales from our eyes so that we may see clearly how we need to make changes and get our focus back in order. Help us Lord, to keep from switching to auto-pilot and coasting through life feeling like what we do or say holds no merit. There is nothing that holds no value or is done in vain. May our motivation always come from you and the love that you pour out for us on the cross.