Some people wonder why I started this blog. Honestly, I wondered the same thing. I have nothing eloquent to say. No philosophical ideas to share. I just have the revelations, testimony and message God gives me from my everyday life. But that's enough for me!!!

I'm not a great writer and heck never enjoyed it till now. I'm just simple, practical little old me. I see things in ways others may say are strange and crazy ways. If I walk outside feeling down and feel the breeze touch my face. I feel God in that breeze saying "my daughter, it's okay." When I see the rain I feel him washing away our nastiness of life. All the sin, all the dirt, bad habits, etc... I easily see a revelation in nature. He teaches me so many life lesson that way all the time.

So, I felt the Lord telling me to share some of these things with those of you who may be interested. You may feel encouraged by my simple life. You may find hope. You may find peace. You may find joy and laughter. You may find me down right crazy. But whatever you find know that you were meant to find it just as well as I was meant to share it. Be Blessed!!!