I sit and ponder where we've lost our way. When did we decide that family was not important? When did we decide that generations offering wisdom were worthless?

Family is important to me, but I did realize how important till recently. I've grew up watching many around me raise children, grandchildren and care for elderly loved ones. I've also seen many open their homes to people they barely knew. We say that family is the blood relatives or those brought in by marriage, but truly who is the tight knit unique tribe we call our own?

When I was 2yrs, my grandma adopted me. Even though I was already her family she took a higher commitment in my life. As I grow up I saw her care for her children, extended family, neighbors, church members and strangers. I've seen how many in my family and close circle of friends have stepped up to care for their loved ones.

When it came time for the tables to turn I was willing to take my family in...no questions asked. I've had people in and out of my house for years so why should my family be different. The transition was tough on everyone, but the experience was well worth it. The love, the wisdom, the peace, the challenges, the lessons, ect... All of them were worth the journey.

As I pondered over the years what my immediate family or tribe would look like I always prayer that I would have a loving husband and children. Little did I know what the Lord was going to have in store or when. As I finish penning these words I started years ago, I am now 39 years old, newly married, expecting our first child, my mom in my care and have a beautiful stepdaughter who has joined our household. Did I ever imagine that life would look like this?

Many generations under one roof don't always mesh, but share tremendous love and wisdom that takes each of us from day to day. I never would have seen such blessings coming my way, but I believe it's because I subscribe to the richness and true aspect of family that my heart is overwhelmed with joy to be a part of my unique tribe I call my own.